If you plan on installing a lift kit for your vehicle, you must consider where you purchase your parts. While it may be tempting to order your own lift kit online, remember there can be significant benefits to buying it from your installer. In this blog post, we'll explore why purchasing your lift kit from your installer may be more beneficial, primarily to ensure proper fitment, save you money in the long run, and give you peace of mind knowing that your installer stands behind their work.

Before ordering your own lift kit, you may want to consider some factors.

While ordering your own parts online may be tempting, having your installer order all the necessary lift kit parts for your vehicle may be more beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Accuracy: Lift kits can be complex and have multiple components that must be installed correctly to ensure safe and effective performance. When the shop orders the kit, they can ensure that they are getting the exact parts needed for your specific vehicle and lift setup, avoiding any potential errors or compatibility issues that could arise if you ordered the kit yourself.
  2. Convenience: By having your shop order the parts, you can save yourself the time and hassle of researching and purchasing all the necessary components. The shop will handle all the logistics of ordering and receiving the parts, so you can focus on other aspects of lifting your ride or simply enjoying your free time.
  3. Warranty: Many lift kits come with a warranty, and having the shop order the parts can help ensure that any necessary warranty claims are handled correctly. The shop will have a record of all the parts used in the installation, making it easier to identify and replace any faulty components should an issue arise.
  4. Expertise: The shop that will install your lift kit likely has experience working with the specific lift kit you have chosen and may have relationships with parts suppliers that can help them source the best quality components for your vehicle. Ultimately, you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise, ensuring your lift kit is installed safely and correctly.
lift kit suspension showing track bar and stabilizer with coil springs

Issues you can face on your own

There are several reasons why it may not be best to purchase your own lift kit instead of the shop doing the installation:

Compatibility: Lift kits can be complex and involve many different components resulting in difficulty in ensuring that all of the parts you purchase are compatible with your specific vehicle and the goals you want to achieve. Furthermore, should you end up with the wrong part or a part that doesn't fit correctly, it can cause problems during installation, leading to costly delays or even safety issues.

Quality: Lift kit components come in a wide variety of quality levels and price points, making it a challenge to determine which parts are of the best quality and value. If you purchase a lower-quality kit, it may not perform as well or last as long, leading to additional costs and inconvenience down the road. In addition, problems with such kits may include noise, ride quality, and performance issues during everyday use.

Warranty: When purchasing your own kit, it may not be covered under the same warranty as the rest of the installation. This means that if something goes wrong with the parts you purchased, you may be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Experience: Shops that specialize in lift kit installation have the knowledge and expertise needed to select the right parts and brands for your specific vehicle and needs. They can also provide valuable advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions about the goals you have in mind. In addition, you may also miss out on this crucial expertise, resulting in suboptimal performance and even safety issues.

lift kit suspension showing track bar and stabilizer with coil springs

In summary, while it may be tempting to purchase parts on your own to lift your vehicle and save money or for other reasons, there are certainly important factors to consider and better ways to go about it. Always remember, by relying on professional expertise doing the installation, you can ensure you get the right parts that are compatible with your vehicle, can help you avoid issues, and ensure your lift kit performs optimally and safely.

At Adrenaline Offroad Co., we can take the VIN# and even the license plate number, allowing us to verify your vehicle specs. Also, we take time and have a thorough conversation with our customers to help determine the best options and reasons behind our recommendations. For example, is this your first Jeep? Are you looking for serious off road activity or smoother on-road driving? No matter where you decide to obtain your parts or who you have to perform the installation, always prioritize safety and ensure the job is done correctly!